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Nikon D2H on hand review

March 5, 2010 1 comment

I sold my D200 and bought D2H recently. And I regret my decision to overlook the D2H and get D200 last year. It was such an experience using the D2H.  In this post, I will write a short review of what I experienced. If you are looking for a new DSLR, and deciding between D2h/D2x or D200?   this will somehow help you decide.

My first impression with D2h were not so good. The 8fps is lovely, but the image colors are so strange… I’m so used to see vibrant supper sharp images on my D200 screen. I realized the 2.5″ LCD is not that high quality, about 200,000 dots. It took me a day to get used to the color and White balance(WB) settings and to get it right. It’s funny how what the LCD color is so different from what it really look like on the computer screen. Even though the pictures looks like shit? dont worry, it’s the LCD, you just have to trust the D2H system 🙂

So don’t let the screen fools  you, check the Histogram and shoot at corrected exposure, and shoot RAW!

For those who owned a D2H alrdy, this is for you!

A few setting tips that is very helpful: (help to get best image quality and controls)

Shooting Menu:

  • Always shoot Raw, unless you need to rip 40 pictures  in a row for sports.
  • Auto WB set to +1 ( it cools down the color temp and looks fresher, This only work in some situation, so you have to learn how to use manual WB (K setting)from the book to be able to master the WB on this camera. To know exactly what the camera is thinking. )
  • Image sharpening set to +1
  • Tone set to (-) Less contrast
  • Color mode set to (I) for portraits and (III) for stills and landscape
  • Hue set to +3* (I haven’t try this yet.. i leave mine at 0*)

CSM Menu:

  • a1. I set it to FPS + AF  (but some ppl like it just FPS to obtain the 8fps)
  • a2. Set it to Focus
  • f5. Go to “Menus & Playback” and choose “On”. This enables menu selections and image playback to the Command and Sub Command dials in addition to the Multi-Selector rocker switch
  • d5. File Number Sequence “On”

Set Up:

  • Make sure to get the latest Firmware from Nikonusa website
  • Set the LCD brightness -1 (or -2) for accurate colors on image

here is some images from the portrait photoshoot with D2H

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